Business Transformation


• We are highly skilled consultants who can assist you

  with the people perspective of change. 

• What makes us different is that we know that change

  management is not about us! It’s about you and your leaders.

• If you have a preferred change management ‘method’

  you want us to use, we can use it. Alternatively, we can

  draw on a multitude of methods, approaches and tools

  we know work.

• We are hands-on. We use practical methods,

  approaches and tools  that focus on what helps your



How do we do it?

Here are ways we can help:

• Develop a change management strategy and action plan

• Identify who is impacted by the change (stake holder analysis)

• Develop a plan on how to engage and communicate

  with your stakeholders  (engagement and communications plan)

• Identify who is impacted, how and what support they

  need to change (Impact assessment)

• Prepare communications

• Build a network of people who will sustain the changes

  “change network”

• Support and coach your supervisors and managers in

   leading the changes